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There is no better Place to invest for Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security than joining HCCSE Training Program. We give you 50 hours of dedicated training for 20 Days whereby you will be able to secure yourself and others from almost any malicious behavior and online attacks.

Ethical Hackers Hub Pvt. Ltd. Believe on Quality Training thats why We just don't teach like other Info-sec Companies but make sure they do make their name in Info-sec Industry !!

Career and Job opportunity -

Recently Indian Government released National Cyber Security Policy according to which Government will recruit 5 Lakh Cyber Security Experts from all over India which is a very huge figure as hardly 10-15 thousand good cyber security experts are available in India as per survey of ASSOCHAM & NASSCOM. We assure you that this training will be highly beneficial for your students career prospect. Please refer to this link for reading National Cyber Security Policy released by India's Telecom & IT Minister Kapil Sibal.|| read the news

Training fee & Duration -

Course Duration: 50Hrs. (20 Days) Training Fee: INR 12000 complete_syllabus

Course Content Overview

1 – Introduction to Hacking, terminologies
2 – Cyber and Hacking Laws
3 – Networking & Basics
4 – Foot Printing and Information Gathering
5 – Google Hacking
6 – Scanning
7 – Windows Hacking
8 – Linux
9 – Metasploit Framework
10 – Trojans & Backdoors
11 – Virus & Worms
12 –Proxy & Packet Filtering
13 –Denial of Service
14 –Sniffer
15 –Social Engineering
16 –Physical Security
17 –Steganography
18 –Cryptography
19 –Wireless Hacking
20 –Firewall & Honeypots
21 –IDS & IPS
22 –Vulnerability
23 –Penetration Testing
24 –Session Hijacking
25 –Hacking Web Servers
26 –SQL Injection
27 –Cross Site Scripting
28 –Exploit Writing
29 –Buffer Overflow
30 –Reverse Engineering
31 –Email Hacking
32 –Incident Handling & Response
33 –Bluetooth Hacking
34 –Mobile Phone Hacking

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Ethical Hackers Hub Pvt. Ltd, is an emerging training provider in India, which aims to develop India as a Cyber Secure Country. It is an Ec-Council Accredited Training Center in Jammu whose objective is to impart world class Ethical Hacking Training to people across the globe and assist them earn premium EC-Council Certifications.

We have put together a panel of brilliant trainers who have many years of experience in the exciting field of information security. We all believe that knowledge grows when it is shared.

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