Ethical Hackers Hub Pvt. Ltd.


Ethical Hackers Hub Pvt. Ltd, is an emerging training provider in India, which aims to develop India as a Cyber Secure Hub. Ethical HackersHub Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2014 and registered in 2015, with the aim to impart world class Ethical Hacking Training to people across the globe and assist them earn premium IT Vendor Certifications. We have put together a panel of brilliant trainers who have many years of experience in the exciting field of information security. We all believe that knowledge grows when it is shared.

   Why HackerHub?

In HackersHub, the focus is on real-life practical knowledge sharing, and not tool-based PPT slides. All our trainings are conducted by highly experienced and certified trainers who have world class experience of penetration testing. The material is cutting edge and updated with even the most recent developments in information security.
The essential elements of our training Programs are:

    1) Our Training programs include a very heavy emphasis on hands-on practice.
     2) Sincere efforts towards Knowledge Transfer.
     3) Strong grasp of technical fundamentals.
     4) Highly Skilled and Certified Trainers

   With us you get:

          1) Highly interactive classroom sessions
          2) Practical lab sessions
          3) Official Curriculum
          4) Vendor-Certified Trainers
          5) Reasonable Price
          6) Testing & Assessment in the training centre itself

We incorporate interactive, innovative and cutting-edge methods of teaching, instead of ancient conventional ways of imparting knowledge. Our advanced IT training methodologies equip the candidates with hands-on job oriented skills. These IT training programs prepare the students for the certification exams and also assist them in applying the newly gained expertise while in actually job environment. In the past 4 years, we have helped several national and global companies in mitigating the various Security Issues.